Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back Online.....

well it looks like our local psykers have finally established a link with the Imperium once again. After a bit of a lull in communication I am back online and posting. Thanks to mother nature an a few issues with technology I am now back online with a new PC, but it hasn't stopped me from working on my various 40K projects. So expect some new updates in the near future as I try to continue my work with my Grey Knights and Valhallan guard forces.

My Grey Knights have been going slow the last few months. Although I now have both arms for the Dread so I am almost done with that and I hope to have it completed soon. I also working on some Paladins and Terminators for my forces. I need to get working on my HQ soon, this way I can at least use the army on the table for small to mid size games. I already have 2 troop choices, 1 elite, and 2 heavy supports(Once this dread is finished).

Now for my Valhallans I have been slowing up on them since I finished most of the troops last year. Although recently I struck gold as I went in my storage and found some Commissars and Priest for my army. One of the Commies I have is the exclusive female one which I will convert to a boltpistol armed model. I also still have a Griffon to finish and a Lord Commissar to finish. Although this army is on the slow track for the moment I might add one or 2 models here and there when I can.

Finally for those of you who want to hear about the Rynn's World forces, I picked up a Land Speeder Storm this week which I want to add to the force. I am still working on the scouts but they should be done soon once I have a day to touch them up in a weekend.

So the work continues as always. I also have a few Aeronautica units lined up in the future if time allows. As well as some new terrain projects for both Winter Terrain and other environments.

Yes I'm still alive and ticking.....

Enjoy! :)