Friday, July 30, 2010

Base Coating Models with Snow

Base coating anything is always the final touch in the process of painting models. It also adds another dimension of good looking to any model. Many people avoid basing because they think it's too time consuming, but it really doesn't take that long if your willing to do it....from simple backyard dirt to snow to urban wrecks, basing is one of those things that really makes any model stand out. This time I am going to offer my tutorial on basing SNOW. Snow is rare among basing simply because most models look good on dirt or broken rock terrain instead. There are some model lines like Valhallan Ice Warriors that scream being based in snow, it's a natural environment for this IG Army. My recent project this summer with my Valhallan army has allowed me to try basing in snow....Let us begin!

1. Let us begin with some basic materials your going to need....the First of course is Snow basing. This bottle should be enough....

Along with the snow you will need a few more items that will help you keep the snow in place....Water, White PVA Glue, and White Paint.....

2. Now of course we are going to need some willing guardsmen who want to join the snow patrol. Make sure that everything is painted finally before beginning this basing project.

3. Once your done painting the model, paint the base itself White, and proceed to Seal your model if you wish, this will give your base a nice basic white color.

4. Once your models are base painted white and sealed your ready to start the snow process.

5. Mix the Water + White PVA Glue + White Paint to coat your base for the snow. While the mix doesn't have to be muddy, it shouldn't be watery either, a nice consistency of watered down paint should be perfect.

6. Coat your models base with the above mix, the white mix with the white painted base will help keep everything looking bright white.

7. Finally dip your model in a container of snow base and leave for a few minutes to get as much basing material as it can take. The glue mix will mix with the snow, and since its white once it dries it will still have a great white snow look to the base.

8. Once it drys the snow will be glued down real well, and you should be able to clean up the excess and paint the rim of the base if you want, or keep it black as is your choice. Repeat as often as you need with any size base and soon you will have a great looking snow force!

Enjoy! =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 9)

STORMTROOPERS! Yes in this update we leave behind the Valhallan Guard to report on another aspect of the project I am working on. I felt that the army needed a fun heavy hitting unit besides vets and the like, and also to give the force a nice Imperial feel. My Stormtroopers are part of my Grey Knights force, which is why the bases are different, but they also fit perfectly into an imperial force of guard. In addition to the troop units I built for the Grey Knights, I brought in some extra assault weapons and sergeants to make the units usable in both IG and GKs. In addition to the forces being used in this event, I painted 2 additional Stormies with Grenade Launchers in case we feel like making changes to the force, or future use in my GKs army. Let me know what you think....

Melta Squad is dropping in formation.....

Plasmagun Squad ready to lay down some rapid fire death....

The two odd men out for now....Maybe one day they will get their own squad....

Enjoy! =)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 8)

In this update Wave 2 is officially FINISHED! Yes! It took me a little while longer then expected to post the update but I have been busting out all these guys and then taking a day to base them, not to mention shining off all of the needed Stormtroopers in one shot(Next update!). Actually the painting part of this wave took only 2 weeks worth of time, which was super quick for me, since I'm a self admitted slow painter. With this wave finished I have broken the century mark for models finished in this army, not many of my other projects can claim that many models. I never knew I could crank out IG so fast....Still I have one more wave to go and then we are complete....Back to work now...Until then!

Autocannon fire support present!

More Infantry! Send in the next wave!

Now we're talking....Lascannon heavy support! FIRE!

Wave 2 is done! WOO HOO!!

Enjoy! =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 7)

I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks, as I've been churning out guardsmen after guardsmen and its left me little time to really do much blogging. While I painted away and watched the new WHFB 8th edition come out, I told myself that once this is all done I can test the new 8th edition out. All this time has paid off as I finally got the second batch finished. More on that in my next update. As you can see by the counter on the right, I have been adding to the tally a lot lately. Once again as I am getting just about done with all the heavy weapons, what should show up...MORE RECRUITS! WOO HOO!

Yeah we have a commander! Chenkov will be my acting CO for this force. To top that off, we have assault weapons troops too....Fire it up!

Stormtroopers and heavy weapons, what else could you need to win battles....FIRE!

Enjoy! :)