Monday, December 27, 2010

Regimental Advisors of the Valhallan 199th

The Regimental Advisors of the Imperial Guard are a new feature for army command squads that can be helpful in many ways for your army command. I have chosen to put some together for my Valhallan troops, mostly for the fun of using some models I had around doing nothing, but could serve a use now.

Master of Ordnance Commander Yuri is a former basilisk squadron commander promoted to advise infantry commanders of the advantages of long range artillery support. He now reports back to the artillery support company command when heavy weapons support is in need.

Astropath Anastasia is a highly regarded psyker in the service of the 199th. She is known to have helped in the locating of "Da Red Orktoba" during that daring raid. With her help the Stormtroopers and Naval support arrived in the battle on time to support the 199th strike force. The photo seems to be affected by her warp powers.

Bodyguards "Boil" and "Waxer" of Col. Stukov, these two veteran guardsmen are part of an elite force assigned to guarding the Colonel's life with their own. Former Valhallan Grenadiers these men are trained in advance special combat techniques. These men wear the purple sash of the Valhallan Special Guard Forces. Respected even by elite imperial stormtroopers.

Officer of the Fleet Lt. Voskov is a naval liaison to the 199th. He is an ex-fighter pilot with many hours of air combat under his belt. He works with the ground pounders of the 199th now to support them with naval air support and transport where they need it most.

Enjoy! =)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Commissars of the Valhallan 199th

How's that old song go..."Don't Turn Around..."

Heh! Yeah ok, we all know that song, Der Kommissar has been used many times in our game, but you can't beat it. This last month has been extremely busy for me outside of the hobby so I have been unable to post much. Although I am still cranking away and painting and building up the armies of the imperium. This weekend I had time to finish off 2 Commissars for my Valhallan Army. One was in the works for a while, and I found the older model by luck one day and added it to the crew. Right now they will join my combined platoon and add more close combat fun to the platoon. I have 3 squads in the platoon along with the command squad, so I might be adding some more commies in the future when I have time to paint them. These 2 were a lot of fun to paint and I think they came out real well.

Commissar Hunt is a heavy worlder, so he might be short but he can dish it out to his enemies.

Commissar Thrawn dispensing out Imperial Justice to All.

Enjoy! :)