Monday, April 19, 2010

Titans! Part 3: Titan Warhound Crew

The titans crew are the men who give these great machines life! You are now part of that elite chosen corps of men.....Welcome to the Collegia Titanicus - Tactica Titan 101

Getting my hands on a full crew was an added bonus I looked for online for a few years. These guys are after all out of production now. I could have gotten some Forge World models, but I wanted to try a paint scheme on these before I tried detailed resin. I now have a FW crew as well, but I haven't had a chance to paint them yet, as well as the FW exclusive Reaver Princeps too. While these guys don't serve much more in the game then a just an objective counter at best they were a lot of fun to paint and convert with current wargear. I used a similar grey/blue legion scheme of my own for these guys too just like the titans. I gave them some nice red weapons to stand out for mars issued gear. I based them on snow to try out that kind of basing, and while the results weren't the best, I might have to change and fix it up a bit more later on. Enjoy the pics!

The Princeps himself.....

The Moderati

The final and current force as it stands.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: Grey Knights Army

Since I picked up the army at the end of last year I've been slowly chipping away at it trying to get in some work here and there between all my other projects. While I still don't have an HQ choice finished to make it a legal force, the army has 2 troop choices and one heavy support finished now shown above. I've also just finished another half squad of knights and another squad of stormtroopers of the same size. So here I thought I would share some shots of the whole force now. The newer units are missing, but I will get some pics of them up later on in my next update. My time on this project is going to slow down a lot now that I have a few other projects going for the coming GamesDay club events. Although that will involve the stormtroopers here too, so I'm going to be adding more stormies to the army soon enough. I've also just picked up 2 unique dreads for this army using FW GK torsos to add on to my already finished dread. So enjoy the shots and let me know what you think so far.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rynnsguard Command

"The Rynnsguard is run just like any other Imperial Guard army, only we are under the command of the Crimson Fist leadership, our officers are trained just as hard as any guardsman regimental officer. Some might say harder since we have to work along side Space Marines most of the time" -Rynnsguard High Command Interview.

When I first began building my original 500 point force, I only had a Junior Officer in charge of the whole force, since most of my squads were going to have good leadership on the squad level. Now that things have changed I have begun to look into other options. Although my current command squad still is a usable unit.

Veteran troops at attention for inspection.....

The officer leads the charge, with full battle kit.....

"This is a will hurt!" ;)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Titans! Part 2: Warhound

"Maintain fire, move us into flanking position Moderati. The trap is almost set, soon that Banelord will fall...." The Warhound Princeps waited for the order to attack.

Since I have already posted my current big guns, I thought it would be time to post the next level down, my fully painted Warhound. This is also an Armorcast model, while the FW one is awesome, this one is a little more manageable on the money side. I currently own 3 of these, but only this one has been painted. Although all 3 have seen action on the tabletop, I'm planning to at least get another painted by years end if not the other 2 and finish off the entire titan demi-company. Once all of them are finished I should have a full Titan datasheet formation from Imperial Armour 7. Again this titan is also following in the same style of urban camo as my Reaver titan.

Enemy Warmachine kills noted on the side of the "Face" of the head of the titan.

The Warhounds mighty arrows of destruction, The Turbo Lasers!

The Crew along with another titan for show.....


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heavy Guard Chimera "707"

"This is the Saber calling in, we have deployed Diamond Squad and are holding down our positions, all other heavy guard squads converge on our position." The chimera commander signaled back to regimental HQ.

As a semi mobile force my Rynnsguard Heavy Guard will be the hammer that will strike hard and fast while the other forces hold the enemy in place. For this job I'm employing the every faithful Chimera IFV. Thanks to a little help from Forge World, I have given this chimera some cool add ons to make it a little different. The stormtrooper tank commander was fun add on to make the tank stand out a little more. As always FW to me is just an added cool factor to this hobby.