Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Titans! Part 2: Warhound

"Maintain fire, move us into flanking position Moderati. The trap is almost set, soon that Banelord will fall...." The Warhound Princeps waited for the order to attack.

Since I have already posted my current big guns, I thought it would be time to post the next level down, my fully painted Warhound. This is also an Armorcast model, while the FW one is awesome, this one is a little more manageable on the money side. I currently own 3 of these, but only this one has been painted. Although all 3 have seen action on the tabletop, I'm planning to at least get another painted by years end if not the other 2 and finish off the entire titan demi-company. Once all of them are finished I should have a full Titan datasheet formation from Imperial Armour 7. Again this titan is also following in the same style of urban camo as my Reaver titan.

Enemy Warmachine kills noted on the side of the "Face" of the head of the titan.

The Warhounds mighty arrows of destruction, The Turbo Lasers!

The Crew along with another titan for show.....


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Assault on Black Reach said...

I am new to warhammer 40k, it doesn't look like your conventional model, what is it :o.