Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rynnsguard Command

"The Rynnsguard is run just like any other Imperial Guard army, only we are under the command of the Crimson Fist leadership, our officers are trained just as hard as any guardsman regimental officer. Some might say harder since we have to work along side Space Marines most of the time" -Rynnsguard High Command Interview.

When I first began building my original 500 point force, I only had a Junior Officer in charge of the whole force, since most of my squads were going to have good leadership on the squad level. Now that things have changed I have begun to look into other options. Although my current command squad still is a usable unit.

Veteran troops at attention for inspection.....

The officer leads the charge, with full battle kit.....

"This is a will hurt!" ;)


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