Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: Grey Knights Army

Since I picked up the army at the end of last year I've been slowly chipping away at it trying to get in some work here and there between all my other projects. While I still don't have an HQ choice finished to make it a legal force, the army has 2 troop choices and one heavy support finished now shown above. I've also just finished another half squad of knights and another squad of stormtroopers of the same size. So here I thought I would share some shots of the whole force now. The newer units are missing, but I will get some pics of them up later on in my next update. My time on this project is going to slow down a lot now that I have a few other projects going for the coming GamesDay club events. Although that will involve the stormtroopers here too, so I'm going to be adding more stormies to the army soon enough. I've also just picked up 2 unique dreads for this army using FW GK torsos to add on to my already finished dread. So enjoy the shots and let me know what you think so far.


the other Kevin said...

These are looking good! Interesting that you've taken the Justicar body and made it a standard trooper.

I've been playing with the idea of a Grey Knight force for some time now. Even have 10 of them mostly painted plus some stand-ins for the HQ. Solar Macharius makes a good looking Inquisitor Lord.

I'm still hearing rumors of a new codex as early as January 2011, so am holding off collecting much more.

CylonDave said...

Thanks! The models are really what got me into picking up one of these armies. I haven't had a chance to field them, but that was mostly a secondary reason. The army is old and the dex is very out of date for 5th edition.

Solar does indeed work well as an Inquisitor with the whole armored look, pimp'n cane, and cape it's the perfect look.

There are lots of rumors flying about when the new inq codex will be out. I even heard something about it possibly coming out after UK GamesDay, either way a new dex will make this a much more fun army to own.