Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rynnsguard Heavy Guard

"Sir the new class is ready for your review." The staff officer informed Colonel Sanchez as he looked out on the parade grounds from his office window. "Very well, lets see what we have created."

The Rynnsguard Heavy Guard was going to be my original creation when I first envisioned this army. Using grenadiers are my troops, now of course things have changed and I have moved these squads to the role of Stormtrooper type troops. I still have a bit of work to do in painting 3 full squads, but the models are some of the best looking IG troops in the current line. While I would like to see these in plastic, I was able to get all the bits I needed before GW shut down bits service. This unit is the 707th squad, and each squad will have its own chimera to carry the squads.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aeronautica Harlequins Air Host: Void Dragon Phoenix Fighter Bombers

"All Void Dragons will keep the imperials busy, but if you can take a shot at the big Tau Manta take it!" The Harlequin air commander ordered.

The Void Dragon is a variant fighter of the Phoenix Fighter Bomber line in Aeronuatica. With Star Cannons and Shirken Cannons this fighter is one nasty surprise to anyone. Able to fire more then the average Phoenix, this variant is my choice for my Harlequin air forces. While a bit more expensive then the Nightwings, its superior weapons are worth the extra points. The Phoenix has become my standard fighter of choice for my Eldar Air Host, and the Void Dragon is a great variant for air to air combat. It's too bad FW has not released any models in epic scale of the Dragon, but for now these GW Epic Phoenix will do just fine.

Lets clear a lane for the Vampire Hunter!

Green Leader and red wingmate.....

Blue wingmate checking 6 O'Clock......


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aeronautica Harlequins Air Host: Nightwing Fighters

"Nightwings break and attack!" The Harlequin air commander ordered.

I have been playing Aeronautica Imperialis since the game hit the ground. I started like almost all players with an Imperial Air Force. The Imps have the most options and they are best army to begin with when playing this game. AI falls into that specialist games area for 40K, although it is a Forge World exclusive product. The game can be very addicting if your a fan of air combat. The game is very simple to play and requires very few models to build up to a good size force. The game is based on Epic 40K scale so it is very inexpensive. I would suggest this game to anyone looking for an alternative game in the 40K environment. The rules may be few and the game might be simple, but many players of the game compare it to a good game of chess so beware!

Anyways my second choice for the game has been the Eldar Air Host. I wanted to test them out so I picked up some epic GW models and tested out the army. After a few games I really am liking this army a lot. So after I got the itch to start this army, I turned my GW Epic stuff into a harlequin air force, with flashy colors and unique looking fighters my army was off and running. The first up are my Nightwings, perhaps the fastest fighters in the game with access to every maneuver card in the game, these guys are nasty. A good unit of 3 will run you close to 100 points, but well worth it once they get in close and light you up with Shirken Cannons and Brightlances. These guys are easy enough to paint. Perhaps when I get around to building up the force I will add some of the FW Nightwings in the Iybraesil Craftworld colors.

Stay in attack formation.....

Covering Harlequin Void Dragon Phoenix......

Max Burn!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Titans! Part 1: Reaver "Iron Duke"

"What is it, Captain?" Lord Gordon asked. "My Lord, the fleet has moved into position. Com Scan has detected an energy field protecting an area of the sixth planet of the xenos system. The field is strong enough to deflect any bombardment." Captain Ramos said.
"The Tau are alerted to our presence." The Lord General noted unhappily as he turned to the Princeps.
"Prepare your titans for a surface attack." He ordered
"Yes, Lord General." Princeps Veers nodded.

The Reaver Titan stands as possibly the most manageable massive machine in a 40K scale battle these days. Anything large is usually too much on any table. Yes GW has released the Imperator datasheet but it's a big boy and takes up more space then your average apocalypse game runs. I still wouldn't say no to owning one, but for now I am happy with the Reaver Titan. Mine is an older Armorcast Reave from the 90's. It originally was armed with a titan hand, but I traded it out and replaced the arm for a "Inferno" Cannon that stands in for a Melta Cannon which until recently was not an option even for the FW version since no model existed for it. The Forge World one is an awesome model, but for a long time I had this baby in storage till the new rules were published and last year I finished painting this monster. It also has the standard rocket launcher on the carapace, and Laser Blaster in the other arm with the turbo laser arm as a counts as. The titan has seen a few battles, but nothing too major, no significant kills yet.

The View from above....Broken Urban Camo for the Top Carapace...

Titan Crew members present for pic.....

The Cross Blades and Black Skull of the unit insignia....The Mailed Fist and the Lightning, bringing down the HAMMER!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grey Knights Dread Finished!

Well another piece to the new Grey Knights army is completed. The dread which was part of the army when I bought it, was rebuilt and repainted to fit my new army look. I had no choice on the weapons since I got none of the extra ones. It's still a formidable machine with an assault cannon and power claw. The Flamer on the arm can work as it should or I will upgraded to in a better one from the codex.

For this guy I broke out the FW Brass Etch pieces to give it a little more of an Inquisitorial look. So what do you think....Thoughts!?

Darker on the Inside!

New and improved smoke launcher added.....

Brass Etch to cover up some of the rebuilt on the model.

Coming to a battlefield near YOU!

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your in the Rynnsguard Now!

Well it's been a few years since I touched these guys, but having recently read Rynn's World, I was inspired to reignite this little project. Originally the project was suppose to be a 500 Point Kill Team as you can see by the above pic, a small force of guard using the previous edition codex. Well it's a whole new codex and it's time for a revision. I've got a few more models already preped for this army, but here are some of the pics from the old 500 point contest. I will be posting new material soon, but I thought you might enjoy seeing a little bit of a preview for the future of the Rynnsguard.

Trooper B. Campbell, WIP Shots

Chimera "Saber" of the Grenadier/Stormtrooper Squad, WIP with FW Goodness!

The beginning of the Grenadiers/Stormtrooper force, WIP Shots.

Finally! An officer to straighten up the regiment....Line up for Paint Scheme Inspection!

I think I nearly hit a bulls eye on the scheme. The book describes the Rynnsguard as wearing cream colored uniforms, this old scheme of mine is almost on target! The armor is something I linked with the Crimson Fist armor. The tank scheme was something I took out of the Forge World marine book from a CF Rhino. A number of the models here are now finished, so I will be updating with new pics soon. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to Rynn's World!

Well it's time for a little expansion! With my first blog well into its 1st year now and my Chaos Project coming up on 2 years old I thought it was time to separate my imperial content from that blog. After reading the new Space Marine Battles Novel about the Crimson Fist I had my blog theme set. My choice of Space Marines have gone in so many different directions over the years, but the Crimson Fist have always been one of those chapters that I have been interested in for a long time. Even before the Rynn's World book, I had begun work on an IG force of Rynn's World Guards. A few years ago on 40KOnline a small contest was held to build a 500 point combat patrol force. My theme for the force was the Rynnsguard, and now I've made it the theme for my new imperial Blog. This Blog will feature all my work on imperial and similar allied forces. So if you enjoyed checking out my Grey Knights work and Baneblade madness work this will be its new home. In addition to that work in the past, I plan on adding more work from my marine projects, IG forces, Areonautica Imperialis, Forge World goodies, and more. So Sits back and enjoy the ride down to Rynn's World, we're about to hit some chop......Enjoy! :)