Saturday, March 13, 2010

Titans! Part 1: Reaver "Iron Duke"

"What is it, Captain?" Lord Gordon asked. "My Lord, the fleet has moved into position. Com Scan has detected an energy field protecting an area of the sixth planet of the xenos system. The field is strong enough to deflect any bombardment." Captain Ramos said.
"The Tau are alerted to our presence." The Lord General noted unhappily as he turned to the Princeps.
"Prepare your titans for a surface attack." He ordered
"Yes, Lord General." Princeps Veers nodded.

The Reaver Titan stands as possibly the most manageable massive machine in a 40K scale battle these days. Anything large is usually too much on any table. Yes GW has released the Imperator datasheet but it's a big boy and takes up more space then your average apocalypse game runs. I still wouldn't say no to owning one, but for now I am happy with the Reaver Titan. Mine is an older Armorcast Reave from the 90's. It originally was armed with a titan hand, but I traded it out and replaced the arm for a "Inferno" Cannon that stands in for a Melta Cannon which until recently was not an option even for the FW version since no model existed for it. The Forge World one is an awesome model, but for a long time I had this baby in storage till the new rules were published and last year I finished painting this monster. It also has the standard rocket launcher on the carapace, and Laser Blaster in the other arm with the turbo laser arm as a counts as. The titan has seen a few battles, but nothing too major, no significant kills yet.

The View from above....Broken Urban Camo for the Top Carapace...

Titan Crew members present for pic.....

The Cross Blades and Black Skull of the unit insignia....The Mailed Fist and the Lightning, bringing down the HAMMER!


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Yeti's Yell said...

I love these, CylonDave. I had two myself in the 90's but traded them both for a FW Baneblade on Bartertown. I didn't want to but I ended up being really allergic to the resin Armorcast used; weird I know.