Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to Rynn's World!

Well it's time for a little expansion! With my first blog well into its 1st year now and my Chaos Project coming up on 2 years old I thought it was time to separate my imperial content from that blog. After reading the new Space Marine Battles Novel about the Crimson Fist I had my blog theme set. My choice of Space Marines have gone in so many different directions over the years, but the Crimson Fist have always been one of those chapters that I have been interested in for a long time. Even before the Rynn's World book, I had begun work on an IG force of Rynn's World Guards. A few years ago on 40KOnline a small contest was held to build a 500 point combat patrol force. My theme for the force was the Rynnsguard, and now I've made it the theme for my new imperial Blog. This Blog will feature all my work on imperial and similar allied forces. So if you enjoyed checking out my Grey Knights work and Baneblade madness work this will be its new home. In addition to that work in the past, I plan on adding more work from my marine projects, IG forces, Areonautica Imperialis, Forge World goodies, and more. So Sits back and enjoy the ride down to Rynn's World, we're about to hit some chop......Enjoy! :)

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