Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your in the Rynnsguard Now!

Well it's been a few years since I touched these guys, but having recently read Rynn's World, I was inspired to reignite this little project. Originally the project was suppose to be a 500 Point Kill Team as you can see by the above pic, a small force of guard using the previous edition codex. Well it's a whole new codex and it's time for a revision. I've got a few more models already preped for this army, but here are some of the pics from the old 500 point contest. I will be posting new material soon, but I thought you might enjoy seeing a little bit of a preview for the future of the Rynnsguard.

Trooper B. Campbell, WIP Shots

Chimera "Saber" of the Grenadier/Stormtrooper Squad, WIP with FW Goodness!

The beginning of the Grenadiers/Stormtrooper force, WIP Shots.

Finally! An officer to straighten up the regiment....Line up for Paint Scheme Inspection!

I think I nearly hit a bulls eye on the scheme. The book describes the Rynnsguard as wearing cream colored uniforms, this old scheme of mine is almost on target! The armor is something I linked with the Crimson Fist armor. The tank scheme was something I took out of the Forge World marine book from a CF Rhino. A number of the models here are now finished, so I will be updating with new pics soon. Enjoy!

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