Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grey Knights Dread Finished!

Well another piece to the new Grey Knights army is completed. The dread which was part of the army when I bought it, was rebuilt and repainted to fit my new army look. I had no choice on the weapons since I got none of the extra ones. It's still a formidable machine with an assault cannon and power claw. The Flamer on the arm can work as it should or I will upgraded to in a better one from the codex.

For this guy I broke out the FW Brass Etch pieces to give it a little more of an Inquisitorial look. So what do you think....Thoughts!?

Darker on the Inside!

New and improved smoke launcher added.....

Brass Etch to cover up some of the rebuilt on the model.

Coming to a battlefield near YOU!

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks great, I really like the FW brass. Only comment I would have is that he looks a little too clean and might benefit from a wash to dirty him up a bit... REALLY nice work on the base

CylonDave said...

The original concept of the army was to be a very bright and shiney metalic army. Similar to the old 80s Aurthur movie where all the armor was very Chromed. This is why my knights are and the dread are so clean. :)