Monday, December 27, 2010

Regimental Advisors of the Valhallan 199th

The Regimental Advisors of the Imperial Guard are a new feature for army command squads that can be helpful in many ways for your army command. I have chosen to put some together for my Valhallan troops, mostly for the fun of using some models I had around doing nothing, but could serve a use now.

Master of Ordnance Commander Yuri is a former basilisk squadron commander promoted to advise infantry commanders of the advantages of long range artillery support. He now reports back to the artillery support company command when heavy weapons support is in need.

Astropath Anastasia is a highly regarded psyker in the service of the 199th. She is known to have helped in the locating of "Da Red Orktoba" during that daring raid. With her help the Stormtroopers and Naval support arrived in the battle on time to support the 199th strike force. The photo seems to be affected by her warp powers.

Bodyguards "Boil" and "Waxer" of Col. Stukov, these two veteran guardsmen are part of an elite force assigned to guarding the Colonel's life with their own. Former Valhallan Grenadiers these men are trained in advance special combat techniques. These men wear the purple sash of the Valhallan Special Guard Forces. Respected even by elite imperial stormtroopers.

Officer of the Fleet Lt. Voskov is a naval liaison to the 199th. He is an ex-fighter pilot with many hours of air combat under his belt. He works with the ground pounders of the 199th now to support them with naval air support and transport where they need it most.

Enjoy! =)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Commissars of the Valhallan 199th

How's that old song go..."Don't Turn Around..."

Heh! Yeah ok, we all know that song, Der Kommissar has been used many times in our game, but you can't beat it. This last month has been extremely busy for me outside of the hobby so I have been unable to post much. Although I am still cranking away and painting and building up the armies of the imperium. This weekend I had time to finish off 2 Commissars for my Valhallan Army. One was in the works for a while, and I found the older model by luck one day and added it to the crew. Right now they will join my combined platoon and add more close combat fun to the platoon. I have 3 squads in the platoon along with the command squad, so I might be adding some more commies in the future when I have time to paint them. These 2 were a lot of fun to paint and I think they came out real well.

Commissar Hunt is a heavy worlder, so he might be short but he can dish it out to his enemies.

Commissar Thrawn dispensing out Imperial Justice to All.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 3)

In this update I will show you pics of some of the new additions I am making to my Valhallan troops. I have chosen to add a Commissar to the force, since it fits the Valhallan army style a lot. Yes there is a bit of a Commissar Cain fan in me, and I enjoy his books a lot. So I had to make space in my army for a commissar. Of the two current commies the one below really seems like the best choice. Once I get a chance to dig up some of my older commies I will add more to the army, but for now I will experiment with this guy.

Another unit I have given some thought to is Sly Marbo. No army these days really goes on the table without this super trooper jumping into action. So I was wondering what model I could use to make this super trooper version for my valhallans, and I found it in the Last Chancers box set. Demolition Man fits the bill perfectly. Now I just need to modify his weapon a little and give him a proper blade. With a little bit of conversion work I will soon have my own snowy Marbo variant. Below is DM after a simple green bath to clean up the old model, the conversion work will come soon.

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sentinels and Objective Counters for the Valhallan 199th

The Sentinel is a stable of Imperial Guard armies. From the first version of the imperial army sentinels have been part of the force. They have gotten better looking over the previous versions of the sentinels. This time I have created a snow class called the Valhallan Pattern for my Valhallan 199th, mixing a modified lascannon/multilaser and the Armageddon full armored version. These walkers were part of the original force, and I have now added a few crew models to give them some display flair. The Crewmen are going to count as two things in the army, showpiece crewman for the army and also as objective counts for games. These guys will give the 199th a chance to use them as tokens for loot counter games. The crewmen no longer serve a usefulness in the main 40K game, but as fun models to paint I had a blast creating my russian/valhallan flavored tank crews.

Enjoy! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 2)

A quick update on my ongoing projects for my imperial forces. After finishing up the Valhallan 199th this summer I have really gotten into continuing the work on them more so now. I want to bring them up to a decent 2K army, and also add a few extra bits that will make the army shine. Among the new additions will be some crewmen for the Sentinels and Tanks that the army has, the crewmen while only for looks will also serve as loot/objective counters for games when I play with the army. I think I will also add crewmen to the top hatches of all the tanks to give them a little bit of flavor and look a lot more animated.

The Russ is getting is the Griffon....

A shot of the various MoO Conversion...and a Commissar!

Yes...the Pask model will be the Mach's tank commander...I got an excuse to buy and use this cool model  now...the tank now has sponsons too! WOO HOO!

Another shot of the various projects....the top pic shows the completed Russ later that night...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Adeptus Titanicus

My Titan Legion has slowly been building up to a nice force built around my Reaver titan "Iron Duke". More will join the ranks of the Adaptus Titanicus!

The Iron Duke!

Warhound #1

Warhound Titan Crew

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Commissar Yarrick's "Fortress of Arrogance"

The Fortress of Arrogance project began right after I finished working on models for Games Day 2009's Big Battle event. I was still on a Super Heavy high so to say, and I started putting in time with the Fortress at the same time.

I've always like the Fortress, but building the turret and murals on it always stopped me from attempting to build it. I chose to scrap the mural idea, there was no way I was going to get close to that. The turret was another problem, but after a few builds before it, my skills with plasticard and greenstuff were much better now. So I was ready for a step up to something bigger and more challenging. Most of the building was straight forward, but building the pulpit for Yarrick took some work, and then came the painting. I had to paint every rivet on that tank gold....ARGH! It took me a few days, and most of my sanity to sit there and dot every little rivet on that tank gold. In the end there are only 4 rivets I didn't paint, which are well hidden and no one noticed, other then that every rivet has some gold plating on it. I also moved the HK Rocket to the front of the tank, I didn't like the position in the GW version. The mural area I left empty, I was going to attempt to write the name of the tank there, but changed my mind and left it blank. Besides with all that gold who would notice right....Since I did this on the fly and very quick I didn't get any pics during the build, but here are some after its all done and ready for battle.

OOOOOO!! So much Gold!

Yarrick reaching out and touching someone....

Off to battle we go....

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 1)

Well it's been a month since the last real update of the goings on of the 199th Valhallan Light. In that time I've been considering new additions to the army. I've been thinking of adding some new armor to the force and giving them a little more heavy firepower. Right now the infantry part of the equation seems to be well in hand. Still there is room for improvement......

First off we have a possible model for the Master of Ordnance, originally the conversion was going to be a generic MoO, but with the long coat he fits the 199th theme real well.....

Nothing says Super Heavy like a 2nd generation baneblade, a Macharius which I got my hands on recently will join the ranks of the 199th. This will be their entry in the super heavy level of game play. I am also going to use a Commander Pask model as the tank commander for the Mach.......

Finally....I think a Griffon will be a nice addition to the army that will fit in well with the theme of the army. I also considering a standard Leman Russ to join the armor ranks along with another Griffon if I can scrape up the parts to make another one. I want to stay light on armor for this force since they are suppose to be a Light Infantry Regiment.....

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rynnsguard Militia (Part 1)

While a lot of time was spent over the summer working on the Valhallan 199th, I still haven't forgotten about the Rynnsguard. Since the army is going to be made out of cadian models I dug up my older metal cadians and have begun to test out the Rynnsguard scheme on them to see how they might fill out my troop spots in the army. I'm still up in the air about the army list for the whole force, but these guys are alot of fun to paint up and try out with the new scheme. Check out these two volunteers in the new Rynnsguard Militia.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

199th Valhallan Light Regiment "Blizzard Force"

Regiments Designation: 199th Valhallan Light Regiment "Blizzard Force"
Homeworld: Valhalla
Background: The 199th is an experienced regiment that has seen action on different fronts. Specializing in deep arctic combat the regiment is mostly light infantry. The regiments most famous action was the notorious Hunt for the Red Orktoba incident. A volunteer force of about company strength from the regiment was given the task of hunting down a notorious Boo'ma Class submersible that was threatening several hive cities with massive vortex type weapons. This company of brave Ice Warriors was sent into the deep arctic to find and destroy this crafty ork force. The showdown finally came to head, as the 199th's commander; Colonel Stukov leading the company found the sub and called in Imperial Navy back up along with Stormtrooper support to assault the ork ship right as it was preparing for another attack. The battle was fierce but the imperial forces were able to take out Cap’n Raam'ius and its dreaded ship in the onslaught that ensued. Many brave Valhallans gave their lives to defend the imperial cities. Colonel Stukov was among the few survivors of the battle, he returned to the regiment a hero of Valhalla, and began the long road of rebuilding the 199th to its former glory.

Colonel Stukov and command squad.

Regimental Advisors of the 199th

Command Squad Chimera Transport

Troopers on the Hunt.

Valhallan Pattern Heavy Sentinels for Heavy Support.

The Hunt for the Red Orktoba.

Sentinel Crewmen

Commissars of the 199th

Leman Russ "Mortis"

Macharius Super Heavy "Ironclad"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Games Day Baltimore 2010

Gamesday has come and gone! It was a blast once again! Not only did we have a lot of fun running our club events, I also loaded up on some FW goodies that I hope to employ with my imperial guard forces in the near future! The Club wasn't lucky enough to win any awards this year, but our events were non stop action from the time the doors opened till we closed down at the end of the day.....

So...where did those Valhallans end up at you ask. Well HERE they are! the final cut of the Hunt for the Red Orktoba, with the Orktoba and its masses of orks! Check out the finished event, and now I am the proud owner of a fully painted Valhallan army. Another army finished, it feels great!

Another honor for the club we discovered was that our award winning Firewarrior armor and our banner from last year made the Gamesday Program flyer this year.

Meanwhile I was asked to join the staff of our Aeronautica Imperialis event. Chaos vs Imperial air forces dueled for dominance of the skies. I can say that the imperial forces were successful in disabling the Chaos Landcarrier in the event, giving the Imperial Navy the win for the day!

A good time was had by all! I'll leave all the games day news to those other blogs that specialize in that field...for me it was all about getting in some games and getting people interested in the games we play. 1 imperial guard army on the platter....Grey Knights I think....

Enjoy! =)