Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 3)

In this update I will show you pics of some of the new additions I am making to my Valhallan troops. I have chosen to add a Commissar to the force, since it fits the Valhallan army style a lot. Yes there is a bit of a Commissar Cain fan in me, and I enjoy his books a lot. So I had to make space in my army for a commissar. Of the two current commies the one below really seems like the best choice. Once I get a chance to dig up some of my older commies I will add more to the army, but for now I will experiment with this guy.

Another unit I have given some thought to is Sly Marbo. No army these days really goes on the table without this super trooper jumping into action. So I was wondering what model I could use to make this super trooper version for my valhallans, and I found it in the Last Chancers box set. Demolition Man fits the bill perfectly. Now I just need to modify his weapon a little and give him a proper blade. With a little bit of conversion work I will soon have my own snowy Marbo variant. Below is DM after a simple green bath to clean up the old model, the conversion work will come soon.

Enjoy! :)

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