Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 3)

In this update I will show you pics of some of the new additions I am making to my Valhallan troops. I have chosen to add a Commissar to the force, since it fits the Valhallan army style a lot. Yes there is a bit of a Commissar Cain fan in me, and I enjoy his books a lot. So I had to make space in my army for a commissar. Of the two current commies the one below really seems like the best choice. Once I get a chance to dig up some of my older commies I will add more to the army, but for now I will experiment with this guy.

Another unit I have given some thought to is Sly Marbo. No army these days really goes on the table without this super trooper jumping into action. So I was wondering what model I could use to make this super trooper version for my valhallans, and I found it in the Last Chancers box set. Demolition Man fits the bill perfectly. Now I just need to modify his weapon a little and give him a proper blade. With a little bit of conversion work I will soon have my own snowy Marbo variant. Below is DM after a simple green bath to clean up the old model, the conversion work will come soon.

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sentinels and Objective Counters for the Valhallan 199th

The Sentinel is a stable of Imperial Guard armies. From the first version of the imperial army sentinels have been part of the force. They have gotten better looking over the previous versions of the sentinels. This time I have created a snow class called the Valhallan Pattern for my Valhallan 199th, mixing a modified lascannon/multilaser and the Armageddon full armored version. These walkers were part of the original force, and I have now added a few crew models to give them some display flair. The Crewmen are going to count as two things in the army, showpiece crewman for the army and also as objective counts for games. These guys will give the 199th a chance to use them as tokens for loot counter games. The crewmen no longer serve a usefulness in the main 40K game, but as fun models to paint I had a blast creating my russian/valhallan flavored tank crews.

Enjoy! :)