Monday, October 25, 2010

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 2)

A quick update on my ongoing projects for my imperial forces. After finishing up the Valhallan 199th this summer I have really gotten into continuing the work on them more so now. I want to bring them up to a decent 2K army, and also add a few extra bits that will make the army shine. Among the new additions will be some crewmen for the Sentinels and Tanks that the army has, the crewmen while only for looks will also serve as loot/objective counters for games when I play with the army. I think I will also add crewmen to the top hatches of all the tanks to give them a little bit of flavor and look a lot more animated.

The Russ is getting is the Griffon....

A shot of the various MoO Conversion...and a Commissar!

Yes...the Pask model will be the Mach's tank commander...I got an excuse to buy and use this cool model  now...the tank now has sponsons too! WOO HOO!

Another shot of the various projects....the top pic shows the completed Russ later that night...


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