Monday, April 19, 2010

Titans! Part 3: Titan Warhound Crew

The titans crew are the men who give these great machines life! You are now part of that elite chosen corps of men.....Welcome to the Collegia Titanicus - Tactica Titan 101

Getting my hands on a full crew was an added bonus I looked for online for a few years. These guys are after all out of production now. I could have gotten some Forge World models, but I wanted to try a paint scheme on these before I tried detailed resin. I now have a FW crew as well, but I haven't had a chance to paint them yet, as well as the FW exclusive Reaver Princeps too. While these guys don't serve much more in the game then a just an objective counter at best they were a lot of fun to paint and convert with current wargear. I used a similar grey/blue legion scheme of my own for these guys too just like the titans. I gave them some nice red weapons to stand out for mars issued gear. I based them on snow to try out that kind of basing, and while the results weren't the best, I might have to change and fix it up a bit more later on. Enjoy the pics!

The Princeps himself.....

The Moderati

The final and current force as it stands.....

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