Friday, May 7, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 1)

This year GW is holding one Games Day in Baltimore, Maryland and my club is lucky to be hosting 3 Club Events at this convention. One for WH Fantasy, which I will have nothing to do with this year, one for Aeronautica Imperialis which I will be co-hosting at the event, and finally a 40K event which I will also be involved in by providing the imperial force. From time to time you will see some progress on here as I track my work on both the 40K and AI projects we are putting together. The AI project will be the smaller of these two(Pun intended!) for me this year since the other guy working with me will do most of the work there in putting the table together. I will be involved in painting up some Epic models, which will give me an excuse to build up my 40K Epic Army. The 40K table will be more involved, since I have offered to paint up a 2K Valhallan army which will be mostly infantry. Hopefully by the end of this road I will have a very well built Valhallan force I can add to my other IG projects already finished. I'm looking forward to this, since Valhallans are some of my fave IG models made. So to begin this ride, I have painted up a test model for the army. I took the scheme from the cover of Planetstrike.

Enjoy! :)

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