Sunday, May 23, 2010

Valkyrie Gunship

Sometimes I come across some very cool conversions at the Baltimore battle bunker. Like this one from a good friend of mine. Inspired by a WWII bomber variant, this Valkyrie has been converted to provide heavy infantry support.

With roughly 16 autocannons mounted on this monster we are talking some serious Dakka here! His rules are that all the autocannons fire, and none are twin link, just because he enjoys rolling all the dice. He is also working on rules for moving backwards, since all the cannons firing at the same time have to have some affect on motion...right? Anyways, I thought you might enjoy checking out this cool conversion....

Enjoy! ;)


the other Kevin said...

Wow, took four sets of Aegis defense kits to make this happen. A bit extreme, but a great looking conversion!
Considering the effect of firing, he ought to have to roll to see if it stays in the air after firing a volley!

CylonDave said...

Heh! You can never have enough firepower! He still has to add the door gunners with Autocannons too. The one time we used this thing in a battle I had him roll a dice to see if it fell out of the sky on a 1, he got lucky...Heh! ;)

Anonymous said...

or, every time you roll a `one` to hit, one of the autocanons jams or runs out of ammo and you lose one shot for the rest of the game.
i think that would balance it nicely without the risk of losing it every time you shoot!