Monday, May 10, 2010

Grey Knights Dreadnought Reinforcements (Part 1)

Wheeling and Dealing at my local battle bunker with a friend has netted me two partially built GK Dreads! WOO HOO! More heavy support for my growing knights forces. Both of these dreads have their own uniqueness about them and come armed with some handy weapons load outs. Built upon FW Chassis, they have had some cool bits added to them to give them that venerable look to them.

Half Dread + Half Penitent Engine, but all Inquisition!

FW Plasma Cannon and Rockets, nasty combo!

Enjoy! :)


Aleksi Lehtio said...

I really like the legs on the half penitent engine+half dread.

CylonDave said...

That one is also my fave out of the two. I might change up his weapons load to be more Close Combat nasty!