Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aeronautica Harlequins Air Host: Void Dragon Phoenix Fighter Bombers

"All Void Dragons will keep the imperials busy, but if you can take a shot at the big Tau Manta take it!" The Harlequin air commander ordered.

The Void Dragon is a variant fighter of the Phoenix Fighter Bomber line in Aeronuatica. With Star Cannons and Shirken Cannons this fighter is one nasty surprise to anyone. Able to fire more then the average Phoenix, this variant is my choice for my Harlequin air forces. While a bit more expensive then the Nightwings, its superior weapons are worth the extra points. The Phoenix has become my standard fighter of choice for my Eldar Air Host, and the Void Dragon is a great variant for air to air combat. It's too bad FW has not released any models in epic scale of the Dragon, but for now these GW Epic Phoenix will do just fine.

Lets clear a lane for the Vampire Hunter!

Green Leader and red wingmate.....

Blue wingmate checking 6 O'Clock......


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