Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aeronautica Harlequins Air Host: Nightwing Fighters

"Nightwings break and attack!" The Harlequin air commander ordered.

I have been playing Aeronautica Imperialis since the game hit the ground. I started like almost all players with an Imperial Air Force. The Imps have the most options and they are best army to begin with when playing this game. AI falls into that specialist games area for 40K, although it is a Forge World exclusive product. The game can be very addicting if your a fan of air combat. The game is very simple to play and requires very few models to build up to a good size force. The game is based on Epic 40K scale so it is very inexpensive. I would suggest this game to anyone looking for an alternative game in the 40K environment. The rules may be few and the game might be simple, but many players of the game compare it to a good game of chess so beware!

Anyways my second choice for the game has been the Eldar Air Host. I wanted to test them out so I picked up some epic GW models and tested out the army. After a few games I really am liking this army a lot. So after I got the itch to start this army, I turned my GW Epic stuff into a harlequin air force, with flashy colors and unique looking fighters my army was off and running. The first up are my Nightwings, perhaps the fastest fighters in the game with access to every maneuver card in the game, these guys are nasty. A good unit of 3 will run you close to 100 points, but well worth it once they get in close and light you up with Shirken Cannons and Brightlances. These guys are easy enough to paint. Perhaps when I get around to building up the force I will add some of the FW Nightwings in the Iybraesil Craftworld colors.

Stay in attack formation.....

Covering Harlequin Void Dragon Phoenix......

Max Burn!


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