Saturday, July 24, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 8)

In this update Wave 2 is officially FINISHED! Yes! It took me a little while longer then expected to post the update but I have been busting out all these guys and then taking a day to base them, not to mention shining off all of the needed Stormtroopers in one shot(Next update!). Actually the painting part of this wave took only 2 weeks worth of time, which was super quick for me, since I'm a self admitted slow painter. With this wave finished I have broken the century mark for models finished in this army, not many of my other projects can claim that many models. I never knew I could crank out IG so fast....Still I have one more wave to go and then we are complete....Back to work now...Until then!

Autocannon fire support present!

More Infantry! Send in the next wave!

Now we're talking....Lascannon heavy support! FIRE!

Wave 2 is done! WOO HOO!!

Enjoy! =)

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