Wednesday, September 22, 2010

199th Valhallan Light Regiment "Blizzard Force"

Regiments Designation: 199th Valhallan Light Regiment "Blizzard Force"
Homeworld: Valhalla
Background: The 199th is an experienced regiment that has seen action on different fronts. Specializing in deep arctic combat the regiment is mostly light infantry. The regiments most famous action was the notorious Hunt for the Red Orktoba incident. A volunteer force of about company strength from the regiment was given the task of hunting down a notorious Boo'ma Class submersible that was threatening several hive cities with massive vortex type weapons. This company of brave Ice Warriors was sent into the deep arctic to find and destroy this crafty ork force. The showdown finally came to head, as the 199th's commander; Colonel Stukov leading the company found the sub and called in Imperial Navy back up along with Stormtrooper support to assault the ork ship right as it was preparing for another attack. The battle was fierce but the imperial forces were able to take out Cap’n Raam'ius and its dreaded ship in the onslaught that ensued. Many brave Valhallans gave their lives to defend the imperial cities. Colonel Stukov was among the few survivors of the battle, he returned to the regiment a hero of Valhalla, and began the long road of rebuilding the 199th to its former glory.

Colonel Stukov and command squad.

Regimental Advisors of the 199th

Command Squad Chimera Transport

Troopers on the Hunt.

Valhallan Pattern Heavy Sentinels for Heavy Support.

The Hunt for the Red Orktoba.

Sentinel Crewmen

Commissars of the 199th

Leman Russ "Mortis"

Macharius Super Heavy "Ironclad"


ma cabane au valhalla said...

wonderful army !
a great job, i like a lot the table with the submarine
a have a valhallan army too and it's a pleasure to see your job ;)

CylonDave said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to put together the strike force for the Red Orktoba event, and I got a fully painted army out of it too. I got some new plans in the works this year for Armies on Parade for this force.... ;)

ma cabane au valhalla said...

we need new photos about your work !!! XD