Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 at the Rynnsguard HQ

Happy New Year!!

Well we started a whole new year. This blog isn't a year old yet but it has gotten a lot of action posted to it in the last year. Mostly thanks to my undertaking of an entire Valhallan army recently, but there are more forces of the Imperium that are in the works for my new blog. Let me give you a run down of where I stand here....

Rynnsguard Heavy Guard: The centerpiece of this blog is of course my Rynnsguard IG army, which has kind of fallen to way side due to my Valhallan project. I have finished a few units but most of what I have begun working on is still in the process of being finished. The most recent unit close to completion will be a unit of Grenadier stormtroopers which I hope to finish by the end of this month. Along with them I am working on some Lascannon conversions and Rynns World Militia unit. So the project still lives, slowly its getting there. Since the new codex came out I also don't have a working army list for this army so I am going to keep the project off to the side and build up slowly with the units I want to paint for them. Background wise I have given some thought to the story of this unit, and I have come up with a fun idea which I plan to flesh out as the units are finished.

199th Valhallan: Perhaps my most complete IG project to date, this army is still growing each day. Right now I am working the last touches of the armies first real tanks to join it. I am also working on a Super Heavy tank for the army. I have several ideas floating around my mind for this army this coming year, so this army is still far from complete any time soon. I might slow down on the work for the army but more units will be joining soon....Pack a Greatcoat we're going to play in the snow!

Grey Knights and The Inquisition: Perhaps one of my best built and painted marine forces I have for my imperials right now. My GK might be looking to get a new codex this year so I want to get some major work done on this army before the release. I am working on some Terminators at the moment, I have almost 2 squads of GKs finished, along with 2 squads of Stormtroopers finished and ready for deployment. The Dreadnought numbers for this army will also grow this year I hope, along with some new armor. Along with this force I want to get a force of Arbites finished for the fun factor, originally meant for Necromunda the squad will join my Inq forces for the fun of it. Along with these forces I am looking at working on some older 1st edition stormtroopers for a possible Ordo Xeno force. I got a few ideas in the works for this army, and it will be an exciting time to play Inquisition when that codex comes out. WOO HOO!

Titan Legion: 2 finished Titans is not enough for me! I still have 2 Warhounds which need finishing up and this year I want to get at least one more done for my Titan forces. Along with these I have a few titan crew models I want to work on for fun factor. Maybe I can finally get that Reaver Princeps painted this year.

Space Marines: Where to start with this many to chose from...Crimson Fist, Dark Angel Ravenwing, Red Scorpions, Space Wolves, and Space Sharks. All of these ideas have crossed my mind, and I never seem to have time for them with so many other things do. Maybe this year I will finally pick one and get a force put together. The problem is that I am already getting my fix of power armored troops from my CSM and Grey Knights Projects. We'll see where this year leads me.....

Other Projects: Of course I have other Imperial projects on the hobby desk waiting for my attention. With Aeronautica Imperialis, 40K Epic Crimson Fist, and Imperial Terrain topping my list right now. My other IG ideas are also out there, Elysians are always on the back of my mind, Tallarn has not been abandoned just yet either. Finally a Squat IG project is always in my mind with the huge squat army I have in storage. The Imperial Navy is also looking for some love. So there is lots of space for expansion here and I will try to make the time when I can......

I wish all of you good luck in your hobby projects for 2011! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!

Enjoy! =)

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