Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Crimson Fist Project Begins

Welcome to my Crimson Fist project! It's been a while since I began the Rynnsguard blog, but the eventual addition of a Crimson Fist force would be a given considering this sites objective. Well, working on my Grey Knights has really gotten me thinking about starting my Crimson First project. So I broke out the nila marine codex and began working up a simple 500 point list. Yes, Kantor is part of it, and as cheezy as it might look he is only there for the theme of the force. I do not condone chapter masters in a 500 point force if it can be avoided. Anyways, the first 500 points will feature some scouts, a squad of sternguard, and Predo Kantor. This will be a slow up and coming project for now, much like my Rynnsguard. Which is also why I am pushing this in increments of 500 points each time around. Once I am done with this first 500 points I will move on to the next level up. No rush on this project, I plan on adding a lot of ForgeWorld goodness to this army as it will be my standing marine army at least for the foreseeable future. So here are the first pictures of my WIP Crimson Fist!


EMDEE said...

Is that 500pts!? Wow! Good to see another marine army for the cause. I'll race ya with my Genesis Chapter, hehe. Whoever gets the forgeworld order first will probably win though, lol.

Anonymous said...

Yup! 500 Points....1 squad of Sternguard, 2 squads of scouts, and Pedro....Now get on those Genesis and see you after your first 500! ;)