Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grey Knights: Nemesis Dreadknight

The Dreadknight is one of the new model kits in the new GK line. It's one of the most unique models I have seen in the imperial arsenal. Only the Tau have anything close to this beast that might fit in the mecha look. Although this was a personal must have for me as I am always a big robot fan, and couldn't help having one of these in my army. After getting one on the first day the codex came out here are my results. I tried to give it a bit of color besides the shiny armor. The Heavy Psycannon was calling me to arm it on this mech. Now I need to find 2 gatling cannons for the next upgrade, and I have made the weapons modular so I can change his load out as I need it. I call him the Golden Knight!


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Sputnik said...

Solid work! I like it.