Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forge World Updates Characters for new GK's Codex

If you didn't get the FW Email the other day you might not have known that FW took a moment to update it's Inquisitorial Characters and the Psycannon Upgrade for Armor. Inq. Hector Rex of the Ordo Malleus and Inq. Solomon Lok of the Ordo Xenos now have updated rules for use with the newly released Grey Knights codex. This is great news since before this update Lok was limited to his assigned retinue in the Imperial Armour books, and now he is able to fight alone or with a codex retinue. So now I have a good reason to break my model out and paint him up. I never owned a Rex model so I was not as fired up to use him with this update, but that might change now that he is updated too. Maybe one day I might pick him up from FW.

Finally the other update was to the Psycannon upgrade you can give some Grey Knights tanks, flyers, or walkers. The points have been updated for the weapon. I'm guessing that since these are new updates we will see the final version of these 3 updates in the refurbished Imperial Armour 2 Marines and Inq. book which is in the works now. The link is below, try the characters out and enjoy! :)

Update Link

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