Monday, April 4, 2011

Rynnsguard Update: Still Here and Ticking!

The last few months have been slow here in the Rynnsguard. Mainly due to my participation in a 40K Escalation League, where I was playing Chaos Daemons, so I haven't had much of a chance to work on anything Imperial related, but that is now over and time to for a change. My priorities are about to change, especially with the release of the new Grey Knights codex. As you can see above I have made my codex purchase along with some new reinforcements for the army. I also dug out an old promotional inquisitor for the coming army. So I will be working on my grey knights on and off from now on since now they are back with style! Where do my Stormtroopers go from here, they become least for this army, although they will see action with my IG armies as well. So with the changing of the guard a new imperial army is going to grow here.

Valhallan 199th: The 199th is still a major work in progress for me, as they have become my top IG army for my imperial forces. As I have stated before I have been working on a Griffon for the armor forces of this army, and I am very close to finishing it now. Today it will have fully painted tracks on it, and soon I will finish painting all the extra bits on it and be ready for the finishing touches.

Along with the Griffon I will be adding more light armor to the force. So while the escalation league was running I have slowly been amassing more and more sentinels. I got an idea ticking in the back of my mind for an Apocalypse formation, but it will also give my force more armor to play with in regular more sentinel love coming to the 199th!

I will be posting new updates soon on more items coming down the pipeline for the Rynnsguard! Enjoy! :)


Yeti's Yell said...

Pure awesome. Looking forward to seeing the Sentinal formations in action my friend.

CylonDave said...

Thanks! The fully armored formation allows me to put together a few squads of sentinels in Valhallan Pattern armor that will also serve in my fast attack choices if I have the space/points in regular games! :)