Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rynnsguard: 707th Grenadiers Guard "Diamondbacks"

The 707th Grenadiers was a unit I began working on a few years ago in a build a regiment event online. So the original idea of the unit came from the previous edition codex. Now with the new codex the unit is now a "Stormtrooper" unit. Being a Rynnsguard unit the background of the 707th is that they are an elite bodyguard unit that was dragooned into the Rynnsguard during the war with the Orks, they were trained to fight along side the Crimson Fist and were armed buy their lord with the best weapons the imperium could offer, hot shot lasguns, grenade launchers, carapace armor, and a chimera transport. Being veteran guardsmen helped too, and training with the new Crimson Fist added to that. Making this unit a deadly addition to the new Rynnsguard Heavy Guard Regiment.

Enjoy! :)

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