Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update: Valhallan 199th (Part 4)

When someone ask..."Dave, what was you first Finecast mode?"....I will simply point to this man....the IG Lord Commissar! With the new release of GWs new resin line Finecast which is taking over for the old metal line, I was there that Saturday and after seeing the first wave I picked up this guy. The Lord Commissar is just a really nice model, and now that he is available at the GW stores he is even better. When he came out in metal he was mail order only, and that made me sad. I really like the look of the model and he seems like a fun HQ choice to use. Well here he is, and he will join the Valhallan 199th's command hub....Looking forward to painting this guy and bringing him to the front lines.

Because even a Lord Commissar deserves his own pimp waggon! Oh Yeah....the Fortress of not as Arrogant here we come!

Enjoy! =)


EMDEE said...

Guess what my first Finecast model is:) That model is AWESOME!

CylonDave said...

Heh! Well I know it wasn't 1KSons ;)