Monday, March 5, 2012

Preparing for Armies on Parade WIP

This year I plan on putting together a display for Armies on Parade. The entries I saw last year at my local store left me shaking my head and wondering why I hadn't entered. This year I plan on changing that, and I have begun work on my display board. This also provides me with a perfect excuse to work on some of my terrain sitting around unpainted and unfinished, in addition to getting some new toys and doing some converting.

I chose my dependable 199th Valhallan as the star army for the display this year. Finished a few years ago, the army is one of my best ones I have built and painted and I have a lot of IG terrain I can employ for the army.

The above shot is from 2 months ago when I began the process of painting some defensive terrain and getting an idea for how I wanted the board to look like. The following shot are from a month ago with the final winter board ready to go, now I just need to get the terrain finished. You might notice that I am using one ForgeWorld's newest terrain pieces for my display. I have also converted some FW Pillboxes with some planet strike bits to make them able to mount the defensive guns. I still have a few more additions to the army and terrain before it's all more to follow!

Enjoy! :)

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