Monday, March 12, 2012

Rynn's World Challenge Completed!

A month ago today I split a box of Assault of Blackreach starter set, and I set myself a goal of painting the marines in that box in the scheme of the crimson fist. While the store event ended on the day the 25th anniversary model came out, and I won that goal I gave myself a month to finish as much of what I had waiting for my crimson fist army and see my results. Well it's a month later and I have a fully based and painted army of Crimson Fist marines waiting to game up!

In the end I changed the captain that came with the box for the Captain Cortez model instead. While it is an old bad model I think my paint work came out well. In addition I was able to finish the scout squads I have been working on and off for the last year when I had time for the army. I have also pulled the marine sternguard unit I had somewhat finished a while back and am in the process of rebuilding them with new gear. Its been a fun and intense project and one I have been waiting to get into for a few years now since I chose this chapter as my vanilla marine choice. I got a few other piece now waiting on my workbench for the army and in the coming days I will give each unit types a separate post to show some better pics. I will also have a gallery for the army up soon too. Let me know what you think of the results!

Crimson Fist Space Marines Army List
Total Points: 741


Cap. Cortez (+Power Fist +Artificer Armor +Hellfire Rounds)



Terminator Squad
1 Termie Sgt
4 Termies


1st Marine Squad
1 Sgt
1 Marine w/ML
1 Marine w/Flamer
7 Marines

1st Scout Squad
1 Sgt
1 Scout w/ML
4 Scouts

2nd Scout Squad
1 Sgt
1 Scout w/ML
4 Scouts

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