Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crimson Fist: 1st Sternguard Squad

The unit that started this whole project. This was the first squad I painted up in the CF colors. The unit sat around doing nothing for a long time, after a while I did get around to building up a few of the models with weapons and gears. After a while I got busy elsewhere, now that the project is in full swing I have come back to this unit and finished it off finally. Armed with new Forgeworld bolters for a better sternguard look. They also have some modified markers to show they are different from the rank marines, two fist painted red, also infantry markers in silver instead of red, as well as different chapter insignia. I've been told that GW no longer makes these kinds of fist shoulder pads, and I have a few more, so I might add few more veterans in the future, for now 5 is enough. Enjoy the modified motion detector I put on the heavy bolter.

Enjoy! :)

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