Monday, April 23, 2012

Crimson Fist: Captain Alessio Cortez

Captain Cortez is the leader of the Crimson Fist 4th Company. He is known as the Master of the Charge, and besides Pedro is the only other CF character with his own model. I picked this model up a long time ago when I began collecting pieces for my Crimson Fist army. While it is known to be the most notorious model ever made by GW, it's still CF history. I liked the character in Rynn's World, and like his background. So for now he is my army leader, a basic captain with a few upgrades.

Enjoy! :)


Niall Kearney said...

I thought he was the most notoriously ugly model ever made by GW :)

Although they've made a few similar models, the gamesday one this year looks quite a bit like Cortex-pose

It even has the laural's that Pedro likes so much :D

This fella - is a close second, from gamesday 1999

and then there's
The storm bolter is a bit off but at least he's pumping some fist.

Neither of them are cheap though, the gamesdays miniatures usually command a decent price but it's rare to see Cortez on ebay. It's good to see one the older fists getting some coverage, even if the model doesn't look the best :)

CylonDave said...

Yes he is a bit of a beast in the looks department when it comes to this model, but as part of the theme of the army I figured I needed to have it painted. There are a few other crazy models out there, and don't be surprised if you see some of the other ones you listed show up later on ;) I still need to build a command squad for him.....