Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crimson Fist Motor Pool: Landspeeder Storm #1

The Landspeeder Storm was one of those vehicle types that were new to space marines in the last edition. I liked the look of it, and it was also a transport for scouts which was handy since I was planning on building a scout heavy army. The speeder got better in this edition by becoming a dedicated transport instead of just a fast attack choice, now my FA choices were open for other things like scout bikes! I chose to go with a multimelta on this speeder to give my scouts a heavy punch while the scouts deploy forward either on the speeder or infiltrating. I still plan on adding 2 more landspeeder storms to the army since I will have 3 scout squads in the force. I may try some of the other weapons options in my other storms.

Enjoy! :)

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