Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crimson Fist Motor Pool: Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries

The Rapier Laser Destroyer battery is one of those few 40K items that have been around since Rogue Trader days, much like the Crimson Fist. When ForgeWorld released a new set of rules for these weapons I had to add some to my fist army. I had 2 old RT Rapier models sitting around for a long time, and this was the perfect time to add them to the force. The rules for these bad ass weapons are still on FW's site in the download area, here. The new rules have brought back a very deadly piece of gear to marine armies in 40K. The original plan was to make this unit useful in both my CF and Valhallan armies, but I chose to stick with fist only in the end. As for the crews I created a few marines with 2 extra marine I had sitting around with bolters from the starter sets, and the other 2 being made with auspexes in their hands as remote controls for the batteries. This was also the first time I used bits from the new marine tac squad box to build a marine for this unit. The one with a bolter one handed is made from the new box set bits, very handy!

This is a unit that has already seeing action in 2 of my battles, and I have to say I really enjoyed putting them on the table to kill armor. The first time punching a hole thru an Ork Dread and wiping it out along with a few Kans, and the second time scaring a CSM Landraider to hide behind a building away from the batteries all of the game for fear of the laser destroyer weapons. I will be fielding these guys anytime I get a chance to put them on the battlefield, they have earned a place in my armylist!

Battery #1

Battery #2

I need to get my hands on one more old classic Rapier to complete a full squad of 3 batteries. 3 of these is going to be way better then just 2!

Enjoy! :)

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