Monday, June 28, 2010

Games Day 2010 Project (Part 6)

Heavy Weapons make the world go round and round, and it's no less in this 40K Guard army.The first group of what will be several heavy weapons choices for the Valhallan force, these are the Rocket Teams and Mortar Teams for the army. Both teams serve as a squad of heavy weapons each, so the fire is concentrated at the right time. Enjoy the pics! More to come soon.....

As good as an AT-4!

Fire Mission request....Prepare Mortars!

Enjoy! :)


the other Kevin said...

The list is coming along nicely!
I think heavy weapon teams are supposed to be mounted on a 60mm base. Don't know if it will be an issue at GD, but you may want fix up a 60mm round for these just in case.

CylonDave said...

Yes they are, but for ease of transport and such I mounted these guys on smaller bases. For the event I don't think it's going to matter since this is a club scenario, but if it comes down to it I can easly put together some snowy 60mm bases for these models to sit on.